The future is ours: update and the vision from Blackcurrent

The Blackcurrent was established in 1989 in the middle of Northampton, as a community centre and vegan/vegetarian housing co-operative. Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, it became a hub for many activist & direct action groups across the region. Unfortunately, the 2010s brought hardships which meant the Blackcurrent could no longer survive as a venue.

At present, Blackcurrent is home to anarchists and anyone seeking refuge from the system that prioritises profit over life. We are working together towards the space regaining its former strength as a venue, revolutionary catalyst, and community resource.

There have been several structural improvements made to the property already. We are looking into external funding, and also forming a Friends and Neighbours’ Association around Blackcurrent House to support the following projects:

  • Community meeting room, with a self-contained kitchenette & accessible toilet
  • IT library
  • Community gym
  • Free hot meals distribution project
  • DOPE Magazine distribution point
  • Harm reduction project
  • Expanding Blackcurrent into a network of housing co-ops by acquiring more properties

All of those projects are set to build community resistance against landlords, corporate greed, environmental destruction, policing, state control and discrimination of the most vulnerable amongst us. Get in touch to co-operate, visit, and exchange ideas.

Please take note of our updated contact: