THE STATE WE’RE IN: discussion write-up

The session began with a presentation on many societal issues, including those faced by easily singled-out minorities such as refugees, travellers, queer people, disabled people, and the impoverished classes. Through our discussions, we continually highlighted how these issues feed off each other and how they are effectively impossible to tackle if viewed individually. The group…

USE YOUR VOICE – for youth

It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences

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How to organise a free foodshare

WHAT IS A FOODSHARE? A Foodshare is an event or organisation where food is shared for free. Foodshares are necessary in today’s society because the system we live under does not guarantee basic wellbeing for everyone, so we must support one other. Food can be sourced in various ways: INTRO This how-to is based on…

BC History: 1991

In June 1990 I was on a train coming home from the committal hearing of a pair of peace activists in Oxford Crown Court. I recognised the couple across the aisle, who had also been at the hearing, and we got chatting.